Evening guys!

How’s it going? This is how it’s going…The pains of being “110 degrees” inclined “shob dik theke” with a “visual artist” are firstly he might on most probable occasions not find anything remotely “visual” about you.. then again since he’s “visually inclined” and visible to others you might not view him for long stretches of time.. or may be it might so happen that his work hours are so random and sometimes so stretching that you might want to give up on him.. He might be too overbearing , too critical because sometimes he “visualizes” everything except the person he loves or maybe according to my “bad mood” especially the person he claims to love!!Then you cannot claim him to be yours publicly because apparently it’s a very silly thing to do..also there are people.. and he has a professional life.. as if no body else does.. again he won’t like any of the statuses even though they might be particularly meant for him..Then again every other person except him will understand its meant for him and will like it on his behalf!! How exasperating the entire situation can be!!


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