musings of the day

I know you have work to do, so do I but then again whiling away time just to be close to you now feels good… I feel annoyed with the fact sometimes I keep on doing “kire kire” and you still don’t answer but then again you get possessive and annoyed with things regarding me is so , I don’t know I don’t have words to explain this feeling.. again I know what you are annoyed about but still I keep on asking you “bol bol” and you remain “chup” and when I ask you why do I have to keep on asking you so many times , you reply “amakei to jigesh korbi , nahole kake korbi!!”.. Talking on phone .. Late in the night and you singing to me… Every passing moment with you even with the fact that you call me “pochu” and ” bhodhu” is so fulfilling.. 😛


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