Tenses To Relieve you from Being tense:-

(18+ materials discussed .. readers should be of open mind and should take it as a humor)

Present tense

Simple Present ( Now)
-I Love you.
– I fuck you.

Present continuous ( happening now)
– I am loving you.
– I am fucking you.

Present Perfect ( from past till now)
– I have loved you.
– I have fucked you.

Present perfect continuous (from past till no still going on not ended )
– I have been loving you.
– I have been fucking you.

Past tense

Simple past ( finished)
-I loved you.
– I fucked you.

Past continuous (in near past)
– I was loving you.
– I was fucking you.


Past perfect ( near past of past)
– I had loved you.
– I had fucked you.

Past perfect continuous ( had been happening in the past)
– I had been loving you.
– I had been fucking you.

Future tense

Simple Future (will happen soon)
– I shall / will love you.
– I shall/ will fuck you.

Future continuous (will be happening for a long time very soon )
– I shall / will be loving you.
– I shall / will be fucking you.

Future perfect (will be finished in near future very soon)
– I shall/ will have loved you.
– I shall/ will have fucked you.

Future perfect continuous (will be doing it in near future at that time)
– I shall have been loving you.
– I shall have been fucking you.

Note- Try to frame sentences like this in your mind and try to speak them with different verbs like eat, bite, lick, suck, whatever you want. Use such verbs that will strike your mind and use it by thinking such a person whom you will never forget. Learning then becomes easier , interesting and very easy to remember and recall . While speaking try to remember what situation you are in and accordingly frame the sentences. But the best solution is to read books because grammar cannot be taught it is instinctively learnt by seeing , hearing and reading.. lots and lots of reading. Try reading porn in English rather than seeing the video. Hope you will find these tips useful.


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