Things I love

There are many things which make my day but somethings are there which just transforms you .. some things which make you the way you are.. such luxuries of life are hard to find and cant be bought.. the fresh smell of the just dried laundry bed sheets when you lie in.. the feeling of cuddling your “pash balish “ at night close to you.. thinking it to be your significant other :P.. falling asleep to not only the sound but also the smell, wet gushes of wind, thunderstorms and all on a wet rainy night.. anticipated “chumus” which you eagerly look forward to ;).. keep on reading some nice romantic novel and then thinking yourself to be the protagonist and imagining your significant other in such a romance with you.. the eerie butterflies in your stomach feeling.. 😛 the “five point something from five point someone” feeling.. 😉 seeing the sun after long rainy days.. having my I-pod shuffle into some old favorite which I had forgotten.. and ofcrse the fleeting fleeing glimpse of you on your “dhoja marka” skype which never quite works properly because of your remote geographic location of your “gram/jongol” whatever you might prefer to call it!! Then there are moments when I fancy of the days walking hand-in-hand with you through the evening streets of dim lights, the way you had to go away because your friends came.. “sedin” I neither felt like leaving nor did you.. and that was the priceless moment that I shared with you..


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