trying to get your attention…


I am not interested to know wether you are going to buy me a diamond ring (although I wouldn’t say no to it) . I am not interested to know wether you think I am the prettiest girl in the world. I like materials, I am materialistic but I spare you such horrors because I sincerely want to be with you. Therefore I am more interested in the fact that wether you want to be with me or do you really have the courage of holding my hand in front of your friends and introduce me to them saying “ etai sei daini ta” the one who bewitched me ! I sincerely hate cheap public displays of emotion but still I wish for the day when I would find you commenting something which touches my heart on my FB wall which will be open to all not hidden from everyone’s views! I know these r not important rather they r cheap nd I never aspire to give photos of u and me kissing on fb (then again i seldom have oportunity to even touch ur hand kissing is a hard limit of centuries because you are never here!). It is hardto be alone , you may say “ami eka nei tor cheye dure ?” but that dosent make it easy . I shout at you nd for that im sorry  but then are you that dumb to not even notice that im shouting at you to make me yours???!!


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