Solely souls :P ;)


Shoes and Humans are similar in various ways. Even if we deliberately forget the fact that both have soles or souls in them we cannot at all miss the striking resemblance that they share with each other in the other spheres. Looking from their physical characteristics or attributes some humans like shoes are tall while others are short, some are pointy while others are flat, some people like shoes are covered while others are airy and open minded. Like humans shoes also posses their own characters. You can perfectly distinguish the character of a plain “down to earth”  Kito from a high pencil heeled lady who has full of air about herself. A shoe without a sole is very difficult to wear like a human without a soul who is very difficult to fathom and deal with. Humans also resemble shoes because like shoes even the topmost powerful human is walked over by some person or another and that brings both of them at par. On a concluding note I’d like to point out that maybe this is the reason why there is even a phrase while understanding the perspective of another human being which states , “ never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes “ !!!  


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