long time no see… Life happened!!!

Well , it’s been a long time since i have penned down my thoughts or rather typed them. the basic thing was marriage happened!! yes!! I’m finally married to the “love of my life” and it’s going to be almost one year into the journey. I’m away from my home, my sweet bed and as usual although the love of my life is the sweetest thing that happened to me. His family however was not especially my mother-in- law. Well yes, she is the usual kind of evil like every mother-in-laws usually are! Lucky are such brides who have experienced mum-in-laws who are just angels reborn.

In India, the country I live in, the brides after their marriage and the mum-in -laws after their son’s marriage join special kitty party groups most of the range from “How i hate my bahu (daughter-in -law) to How horrendous is your MIL. [From hence forth in the blog i will refer Mother-in-law as MIL and Daughter-in-Law as DIL ]. The war is never ending and the brides sometimes even keep on comparing with each other .. “Oh my gawd! You are so lucky .. you know when i went into my in-laws place my MIL used to treat me as a maid and made me work though out the day .. cooking 12-20 dishes gourmet style and then washing clothes, laundry and then even picking up the clothes for dry cleaning and so on ans so forth. The atrocities are appalling. Some times people tell me how lucky I am that i don’t have to stay at my in- laws place because we work in this residential school which is thankfully far far away from home. Phew!


I know I sound like I’m filled with so much negativity but such is the situation here trust me. I know i have better hopes oh you anonymous readers trusting me than my in-laws who always feel either I’m not their type or I’m up to no good. My rantings will go on and on but I don’t want to focus on this negativity I want to throw away this past and look forward into a happy life of togetherness with the love of my life now that I have finally go to be with him forever and forever.Also I will not allow any one to come in between the two loves of my life, writing and ofcourse my husband! It’s abut time that I stood up! And so shall I gracefully stand!


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