An evening with a cup of tea and musings..

  • Well when you have tea in front of you lots of thoughts cross your mind.. I am living in this beautiful residential school which almost looks like a resort and i still don’t have the time to actually feel the nature and the beauty all around me!! So i have decided that i am going to take you all on a tour of the sights and sounds of the place.

Well you can see that such are the path in the residential areas which always remain strewn with flowers and leaves. Well right now we are experiencing the Fall season here and you can actually experience the fall here cause in no where else in the city will you be able to see such a huge amount of fallen leaves!! Right!! We are really blessed to be such close to nature!!

Our personal ray of sunlight!!

Such is the beauty!! Yet we are always slogging so hard that we never realise that we are missing such small joys of life!!


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