Calamari – the ultimate seafood!

While we were at Goa we obviously did try calamari!! How could one not try it because not only was it new to taste but was squishy and cooked to Perfection! 

Calamari cooked to perfection!
We actually stayed at a hotel which was quite near to a great restaurant called Zuperb which actually had superb food!! The owners too were very amiable and welcoming!! They cooked dishes to perfection. 

Our tasty basa fillet , calamari and mixed seafood fried rice

We loved the place so much that we kept visiting them for lunch and dinner every single day! 

Back to calamari, it’s actually squid which looks very yucky yet tastes like heaven on a platter! It was the first time that me and Tanmoy tried it and we actually loved it!! 


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