A carefree day of dal baati, love, hopes of reconnection and goodbyes~

Well a lot of things have happened in between but I haven’t been able to blog about them because most of the time I remained very busy. But today i am going to reminisce about the beautiful afternoon and evening that we had spent on Sashi’s farm. 

It was really special because we got to meet his grandfather who is a Padmashree. 

Not only that but we got to meet our long lost friends who had already taken a leave from our lives by changing their workplace like Ashok sir and some one very close to our heart who was going back to her present home town by quitting her job here at Anubhuti.. Abira di 😔 

The day was of reunion and kind of a ritual to let go of the next who wouldn’t be there with us. It was hopeful on one hand yet it was sad because of the part where you would have to say goodbye to a particular person very close to heart. 

We had a lovely lunch which was lovingly prepared by Sashi’s mother and then we went to roam around their farm house property where we clicked numerous photos to keep these beautiful memories intact! 

It was a day of love, carefree laughter , joy at being reunited and yet sorrow at going to be separated! Truely a day filled with too many emotions!!


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