Gastronomical Goa..

Recently we had actually gone on many trips but the best gastronomic experience that we actually had was in Goa. Now Goa is a land of paradise! When people say they are visiting Goa they mean that they are obviously in cloud nine. Now making the long story short, I am going to post in this blog most of the pictures of the delicious food that we had on this trip so that you too may be inspired to visit this special place of ours.


This was the first glass of martini which we toasted to begin our long journey into the land of paradise!!

This was the spread for the entire day !!! Its too late in the night but don’t worry I’ll keep posting the gastronomical journey as I ate my way through the paradise. Glutton glutton !!

long time no see… Life happened!!!

Well , it’s been a long time since i have penned down my thoughts or rather typed them. the basic thing was marriage happened!! yes!! I’m finally married to the “love of my life” and it’s going to be almost one year into the journey. I’m away from my home, my sweet bed and as usual although the love of my life is the sweetest thing that happened to me. His family however was not especially my mother-in- law. Well yes, she is the usual kind of evil like every mother-in-laws usually are! Lucky are such brides who have experienced mum-in-laws who are just angels reborn.

In India, the country I live in, the brides after their marriage and the mum-in -laws after their son’s marriage join special kitty party groups most of the range from “How i hate my bahu (daughter-in -law) to How horrendous is your MIL. [From hence forth in the blog i will refer Mother-in-law as MIL and Daughter-in-Law as DIL ]. The war is never ending and the brides sometimes even keep on comparing with each other .. “Oh my gawd! You are so lucky .. you know when i went into my in-laws place my MIL used to treat me as a maid and made me work though out the day .. cooking 12-20 dishes gourmet style and then washing clothes, laundry and then even picking up the clothes for dry cleaning and so on ans so forth. The atrocities are appalling. Some times people tell me how lucky I am that i don’t have to stay at my in- laws place because we work in this residential school which is thankfully far far away from home. Phew!


I know I sound like I’m filled with so much negativity but such is the situation here trust me. I know i have better hopes oh you anonymous readers trusting me than my in-laws who always feel either I’m not their type or I’m up to no good. My rantings will go on and on but I don’t want to focus on this negativity I want to throw away this past and look forward into a happy life of togetherness with the love of my life now that I have finally go to be with him forever and forever.Also I will not allow any one to come in between the two loves of my life, writing and ofcourse my husband! It’s abut time that I stood up! And so shall I gracefully stand!

English writing an evaluative essay about the experience

I always had the interest in plays, which portray mystery and the supernatural. My chance came when I visited the Bay area church, which was performing a classic, Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. A man named Briggs directed it. The play is actually a tragedy of human ambitions; it also includes supernatural elements like ghost, witches, and apparitions. It is based on the killing of the king of Scotland and Banquo, Macbeth’s friend. Macbeth killed Banquo and Lady Macbeth kills Duncan, the king of Scotland. Biggs production of Macbeth portrayed a world of horror and chaos where ambition paid its price and the Machiavellian over reacher was dragged down to Earth on the upturn of his wheel of Fortune.

The play begins with the appearance of the three witches where they meet the two generals Banquo, Macbeth. We later find that the heinous crimes committed by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have affected their psyche. Lady Macbeth is seen suffering from sleep walking malady and finally she kills herself. Macbeth is left alone to fight with the enemies after he has been crowned the King of Scotland. The play ends with the death of Macbeth. He is beheaded (Shakespeare, Gill). I have analyzed the play based on-

  • Choice of costumes and the set design used
  • Delivery of lines by the actor and the significant gestures, which contributed to the play’s meaning
  • Special effects utilized

The choice of costume and the set design used.

The program note informed that the director designed the theme based on a 16th century mandala, which was present at the backdrop of the play. The play was spectacular. The supernatural scenes, which were played by three men, were exquisite. The witches looked perfect in their black gory dressed with their accompanying high-pitched voices. The dresses of the actors looked perfectly of the Elizabethan period. The dim lights and the shadowy backdrop reinforced the effect of darkness and mystery that portrayed though out the play. To enhance their effect the witches were dressed in rotting costumes, which were types of shrouds.

Delivery of lines by the actor and the significant gestures, which contributed to the play’s meaning.

The porter scene was also very symbolic. The drunken porter went on rambling about the inner hell of Macbeth’s castle. His drunken yet appropriate metaphors not only enhanced the plays but also lifted to another level. The sleepwalking scene of Lady Macbeth is also nerve chilling because it shows the complete disintegration of her psyche. It is seen that she tells to herself that not all the perfumes of Arabia would sweeten her hand. By this she means that the crimes that were committed by these hands could not wash away and the heinous deeds were as if smelling even after they had been washed away repeatedly. The doctor informs later the audience that she used to keep on washing her hands. We understand that the blood of Duncan, which had spilled over onto her, hands were the reason for which Lady Macbeth kept on washing her hands. The actors especially the part of Macbeth, which was played by Ethan Stone, was highly intriguing. His delivery of lines contributed to the aptness of the overall play.  Special incorporation of the lines such as those, which indicate the night by the characters, made the play easier to understand the events conducted during different days and completely blends the time schedule of the play.

Special Effects utilized.

The most intriguing scenes were of the supernatural. The appearance of the ghosts or apparition, which were conjured by the witches who prophesized for Macbeth were gruesome to watch.. Banquo’s ghost is the turning point of the play. It represents the manifestation of Macbeth’s guilt. Macbeth is constantly faced with his own guilt throughout the play. He commits the crime but he is not ruthless we understand this by the harrowing suffering which he undergoes after committing the crime. The menacing moment of the play is the beheading of Macbeth. It demarcates the division of the mind and the body. In addition, the beautiful way that the entire imagery of the play was captured by the actors and the director was remarkable. The play completely took the audience into it and we all had become a part of the heath in which Macbeth and Banquo first met the witches. The final fulfilling of the prophecies of Birnam wood coming to Dunsinane hill was aptly potrayed on the stage by the use of tree branches. Shakespeare himself was the greatest playwright of all times and seeing this great play being enacted again just moved me. The use of shadowy light settings, and the regular uses of the colour black and red, even the use of the red lights and the dark backgrounds gave the play the feeling of mystery and supernatural events. From the setting to the light and sound, the appearance of the supernatural was just perfect. The actors performed commendably. The fall of Macbeth instilled in me the feeling that even great men can be moved and seduced by desires and Macbeth himself was responsible for his own hammartia. Overall, the play was excellent as it brought home the entire feelings, mood and settings of the actual play written by Shakespeare.

Work cited.

Shakespeare, William, and Roma Gill. Macbeth. 1st ed. Oxford [England]: Oxford University Press, 1992. Print.

Solely souls :P ;)

Shoes and Humans are similar in various ways. Even if we deliberately forget the fact that both have soles or souls in them we cannot at all miss the striking resemblance that they share with each other in the other spheres. Looking from their physical characteristics or attributes some humans like shoes are tall while others are short, some are pointy while others are flat, some people like shoes are covered while others are airy and open minded. Like humans shoes also posses their own characters. You can perfectly distinguish the character of a plain “down to earth”  Kito from a high pencil heeled lady who has full of air about herself. A shoe without a sole is very difficult to wear like a human without a soul who is very difficult to fathom and deal with. Humans also resemble shoes because like shoes even the topmost powerful human is walked over by some person or another and that brings both of them at par. On a concluding note I’d like to point out that maybe this is the reason why there is even a phrase while understanding the perspective of another human being which states , “ never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes “ !!!  

i want to be yours~

We keep laughing and talking nonsense and amidst all the nonsense you look at me and that one look tells me what is on your mind.. one look and all words are meaningless and I realise we do not need words to talk..Just like the best pictures are captured through your eyes and not by our cameras.. I want to be the air  you breath so that I reach your heart and flow in you with your blood.. I want to be the clothes you wear so that I smell of you the whole day.. I want to be the water you drink so that I can run out of you as your sweat .. 😛 I want to be the clay you work with so that you mould me , make me and break me in your arms and fingers… I want to be everything that you look at.. be in your mind.. thoughts and dreams.. let me be everything you desire because for you my heart is on fire~

randoms :)

Love is when you make him sing that random sweet song 10 thousand times over and over again just to make him overtly conscious about it and then finally reqsuesting him to sing again unconsciously with the other wise rough, sexy voice which he has normally 😛 Love is when u smile “bhodaily” at him through skype and even tell him he looks cute even when he’s wearing his worst sweat pantz 😛 then again to be reminded by him it is those sweats which you have already profusely expressed your dislike previously.. and then you realize it’s the person you are mad about and you don’t care even if he\she is stark naked 😛 *ok on a serious note u care 😉 u definitely do 😛 for such eye soothing , tempting treats heheheheheh 😉 * Love is when even at the middle of the night you feel like laughing to every jokes he cracks and stay awake for him cause he is working ; even though u come to a point when “chokhe deshlai kathi gujte hobe” to stay awake! Love is when you keep oogling at his blue shirt with a hungry smile 😉 love is when he realises all your moves, groves and thoughts and responds to them with the same amount of spark and smirk 😛 love is when you keep on saying aloud and in your mind.. Come soon hither!!! 😉 😛