Life is not just filled with fish..

Well when I was little my life used to literally revolve around fishes.. As in I mean to say that as I am a Bengali girl fish is our staple food for life and by fish I don’t mean the usual fish and chips which you people get in the normal food joints or the sautéed, barbecued or grilled to perfection ones which you order in fancy restaurants, I mean the plain soupy ones which smell of a heady aroma of fish and of course home cooking/ mom cooking. Some people really feel that Bengalis a.k.a Bongs actually have fishes swimming in their blood stream which makes them so jolly and yet cool. But the strangest fact is yet to come my dear.. which is that since I have become married, which according to my mum-in-law I forget, I have actually shifted my entire base from West Bengal which is quaint little state within India which lies in the east, mostly famous for its city Kolkata/Calcutta (old) and is still named west, to the mighty state of Maharashtra which lies in the west!!


The normal food !! Barbecued prawns and mixed seafood noodles !!

Now the location shift isn’t the greatest displacement what has actually happened is that as we shifted from the east to west as the sunset time got longer and we could see more of the sun in the evening than in the morning, the food habits changed! From the abundant region of ponds and pools where the fishes thrived we have moved into a mostly drought prone area where the water is the greatest concern of the day!!! Though the bathing ritual and the washing ritual actually stays the same because we don’t actually live in water shortage yet what changes is the food habit of the people around here. THEY DETEST FISH!!

Can you believe that? Yep !! They are all vegetarians, not that I object to it !! but they object to our lifestyle of non- vegetarianism!! Now where the live and let live policy and we all should co-exist mutually??? Well I being and imaginative optimistic tend to think of the situation as shifting the royal Bengal tiger from the jungles of Sunder bans into the jungle of Gir! Now the problem is that how do you habituate to a lifestyle which was never yours to begin with right?? But then again there is something called the survival of the fittest. When the fit adapts it becomes the boss!


Potato and cheese sliders

Right so being the boss here meant becoming or transforming into the perfect Maharashtrian who loves sev-bhaji and missal paw for breakfast and lunch not in the same order. The crux of the situation now arrives that not only am I, now after almost exactly one year and six months, fond of missal poha or paw and other previously non-existent breakfast menus but I crave and love them.. I crave having these vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinners !! Imagine a tiger going veg! Well so now the tiger has become omnivorous. While I gorge on the vegetarian delicacies within the hostel premises, we do occasionally go out to have our share of meat and fish! ‘Cause you can make a tiger adapt to vegetarian food you cannot drive the blood lust from his/her brain. Well not quite literally blood lust.. the fact remains that I am personally very respectful about others choices. I really love the fact that there are people who have chosen to move, according to them to a higher sense and opt veganism, vegetarianism. However I also believe the fact that they too should choose to be respectful towards our choice after all its just our food habit which we cannot change, and we are in no way cannibals.. The same God who has made the tiger has ultimately fashioned the lamb. So if God wants a handful variety who are you to judge us !! The fact remains we don’t judge you!!

Tenses To Relieve you from Being tense:-

(18+ materials discussed .. readers should be of open mind and should take it as a humor)

Present tense

Simple Present ( Now)
-I Love you.
– I fuck you.

Present continuous ( happening now)
– I am loving you.
– I am fucking you.

Present Perfect ( from past till now)
– I have loved you.
– I have fucked you.

Present perfect continuous (from past till no still going on not ended )
– I have been loving you.
– I have been fucking you.

Past tense

Simple past ( finished)
-I loved you.
– I fucked you.

Past continuous (in near past)
– I was loving you.
– I was fucking you.


Past perfect ( near past of past)
– I had loved you.
– I had fucked you.

Past perfect continuous ( had been happening in the past)
– I had been loving you.
– I had been fucking you.

Future tense

Simple Future (will happen soon)
– I shall / will love you.
– I shall/ will fuck you.

Future continuous (will be happening for a long time very soon )
– I shall / will be loving you.
– I shall / will be fucking you.

Future perfect (will be finished in near future very soon)
– I shall/ will have loved you.
– I shall/ will have fucked you.

Future perfect continuous (will be doing it in near future at that time)
– I shall have been loving you.
– I shall have been fucking you.

Note- Try to frame sentences like this in your mind and try to speak them with different verbs like eat, bite, lick, suck, whatever you want. Use such verbs that will strike your mind and use it by thinking such a person whom you will never forget. Learning then becomes easier , interesting and very easy to remember and recall . While speaking try to remember what situation you are in and accordingly frame the sentences. But the best solution is to read books because grammar cannot be taught it is instinctively learnt by seeing , hearing and reading.. lots and lots of reading. Try reading porn in English rather than seeing the video. Hope you will find these tips useful.