The girl who was never born.

When she was born , she was hailed as a prince

To rule over all that her eyes surveyed

But with what will she rule

When she herself was pervaded

With the shroud of a different identity!

The world expected her to be different!

She was named a boy.

Her curls fought every month to stop the scissor blades

From slicing them into pieces

And crumbling her dreams to nothing.

While she longed for a doll and dress

He clothes were utterly pressed

And she was sent forcibly to a boy’s school.

Come on , Boy’s don’t cry !

Boy’s don’t behave like girls

Boy’s don’t like colors.

Loving colors was a crime!

From the first days of childhood she was judged

Judged shunned and treated like an animal

An animal which is to be feared

Because it doesn’t conform to norms

Because it breaks all the myths and shatters all the barriers

Marked as an abomination of nature

She struggled

Struggled to prove that she was nature.

Just like a butterfly who needs a cocoon to transform

To transform from a caterpillar into a magnificent butterfly

Then came the day when finally everyone saw her as she was

A beautiful woman

Her dad loved her as a princess

Prince never-so-charming and charming to came to court her

Her life was like a bed of roses

Occasionally strewn with more than enough thorns

And too many rejections and scorns.

But she did not stop

She grew and grew

And out of her balcony flew into an era of freedom.

Freedom from all the confines and fears

And all the swords and spears of life.

-Soumita Das



A carefree day of dal baati, love, hopes of reconnection and goodbyes~

Well a lot of things have happened in between but I haven’t been able to blog about them because most of the time I remained very busy. But today i am going to reminisce about the beautiful afternoon and evening that we had spent on Sashi’s farm. 

It was really special because we got to meet his grandfather who is a Padmashree. 

Not only that but we got to meet our long lost friends who had already taken a leave from our lives by changing their workplace like Ashok sir and some one very close to our heart who was going back to her present home town by quitting her job here at Anubhuti.. Abira di 😔 

The day was of reunion and kind of a ritual to let go of the next who wouldn’t be there with us. It was hopeful on one hand yet it was sad because of the part where you would have to say goodbye to a particular person very close to heart. 

We had a lovely lunch which was lovingly prepared by Sashi’s mother and then we went to roam around their farm house property where we clicked numerous photos to keep these beautiful memories intact! 

It was a day of love, carefree laughter , joy at being reunited and yet sorrow at going to be separated! Truely a day filled with too many emotions!!


Ramblings of a new traveller~

Throughout my life I have travelled or tagged along with my parents since for a large chunk of my and their lives combined together we planned for regular vacations.  This obviously means that I’ve really been fortunate enough to visit a lot of places throughout India. But this ranting is not about the places I’ve visited but the feelings that have stirred in me while I roamed these places alone versus when I travelled to destinations with my img_5185parents.

Of course because I am married right now people expect a lot of things such as I am supposed to magically transform into a responsible adult. However to tell the truth when you are born in an Indian family with a doting mother you do tend to be cocooned in the luxuries of life before marriage and then get the sudden hit of reality and the world post marriage.

Well I’ve been mostly fortunate enough even after marriage to not face to many harsh realities because we stay away in another city far away from our native place. Now its strange about the places where you have actually been born and brought up. Its home, where you are supposed to feel really at peace however  it’s also a place where your portion of societal pressure exists, where you have to behave exactly according to a certain decorum.

Which however if you stay away from such places in a different city, mind you, nobody bothers and you are less judged! Shocking as might as it hear the home going both a pleasure and a dreaded trip where although you tend to feel welcome and happy along with the people you love, you simultaneously also dread the worst fears of facing the people whom you would rather avoid for the rest of your life to be precise!!

This is what happens when I tend to write my worst fears get penned down too easily! But then again there is a saying “familiarity breeds contempt”.  But then again I’m speaking about the feelings that I’ve experienced while travelling with my parents and comparing them to the exhilaration that I’ve felt while travelling alone with my hubby. It’s not about hubby too! From my childhood I have been a person who loves to live alone. You would have always seen me on the bed or the couch with a book because for me reality of intermingling was highly overrated. Well that remains the same within me. While I do enjoy in group, it’s mostly that I do love my own company and love to experience the nature alone.

When I used to travel with my parents, I loved the fact that my family allowed all of us kids to live in a single suit or a hotel room which gave us the freedom and in turn them too the freedom to enjoy the trip! We all loved the fact that we were allowed to choose our room and then go and do anything that we wanted throughout the trip. There were obviously no parties but we siblings always had a gala time! When I started travelling alone it was a completely different feeling. There was a sense of fear initially that whether or not we will be cheated while we travelled but fingers crossed every time it turned out well.

When I used to travel with my parents we used to book pre hired cars to travel which actually left no room for exploration because they had their pre thought out itinerary which they used to follow. But when I went out alone we decided to travel in the public transportation of those places which really helped us to know the places inside out! The feeling of exploration, the feeling of travelling through every nook and corner of the cities or the places I visited gave me both the thrills and chills.

The first time I visited mussorie with my parents I hardly knew the place. The second time I visited mussorie alone with my hubby we travelled so much that we practically knew the roads all inside out like the back of our hand. The thrill of travelling alone enjoying the mystic beauty of the hills alone was absolutely gorgeous. I finally felt that we had learnt to live alone. I learnt how to pack less and even pack!

Life itself is the best teacher they say and looking back this year I hardly recognize myself! I personally feel that I have really grown up a lot getting out of my home! Well some day or the other you do have to cross the threshold of the innocence to reach to experience.

Calamari – the ultimate seafood!

While we were at Goa we obviously did try calamari!! How could one not try it because not only was it new to taste but was squishy and cooked to Perfection! 

Calamari cooked to perfection!

We actually stayed at a hotel which was quite near to a great restaurant called Zuperb which actually had superb food!! The owners too were very amiable and welcoming!! They cooked dishes to perfection. 

Our tasty basa fillet , calamari and mixed seafood fried rice

We loved the place so much that we kept visiting them for lunch and dinner every single day! 

Back to calamari, it’s actually squid which looks very yucky yet tastes like heaven on a platter! It was the first time that me and Tanmoy tried it and we actually loved it!! 


An evening with a cup of tea and musings..

  • Well when you have tea in front of you lots of thoughts cross your mind.. I am living in this beautiful residential school which almost looks like a resort and i still don’t have the time to actually feel the nature and the beauty all around me!! So i have decided that i am going to take you all on a tour of the sights and sounds of the place.

Well you can see that such are the path in the residential areas which always remain strewn with flowers and leaves. Well right now we are experiencing the Fall season here and you can actually experience the fall here cause in no where else in the city will you be able to see such a huge amount of fallen leaves!! Right!! We are really blessed to be such close to nature!!

Our personal ray of sunlight!!

Such is the beauty!! Yet we are always slogging so hard that we never realise that we are missing such small joys of life!!


Life is not just filled with fish..

Well when I was little my life used to literally revolve around fishes.. As in I mean to say that as I am a Bengali girl fish is our staple food for life and by fish I don’t mean the usual fish and chips which you people get in the normal food joints or the sautéed, barbecued or grilled to perfection ones which you order in fancy restaurants, I mean the plain soupy ones which smell of a heady aroma of fish and of course home cooking/ mom cooking. Some people really feel that Bengalis a.k.a Bongs actually have fishes swimming in their blood stream which makes them so jolly and yet cool. But the strangest fact is yet to come my dear.. which is that since I have become married, which according to my mum-in-law I forget, I have actually shifted my entire base from West Bengal which is quaint little state within India which lies in the east, mostly famous for its city Kolkata/Calcutta (old) and is still named west, to the mighty state of Maharashtra which lies in the west!!


The normal food !! Barbecued prawns and mixed seafood noodles !!

Now the location shift isn’t the greatest displacement what has actually happened is that as we shifted from the east to west as the sunset time got longer and we could see more of the sun in the evening than in the morning, the food habits changed! From the abundant region of ponds and pools where the fishes thrived we have moved into a mostly drought prone area where the water is the greatest concern of the day!!! Though the bathing ritual and the washing ritual actually stays the same because we don’t actually live in water shortage yet what changes is the food habit of the people around here. THEY DETEST FISH!!

Can you believe that? Yep !! They are all vegetarians, not that I object to it !! but they object to our lifestyle of non- vegetarianism!! Now where the live and let live policy and we all should co-exist mutually??? Well I being and imaginative optimistic tend to think of the situation as shifting the royal Bengal tiger from the jungles of Sunder bans into the jungle of Gir! Now the problem is that how do you habituate to a lifestyle which was never yours to begin with right?? But then again there is something called the survival of the fittest. When the fit adapts it becomes the boss!


Potato and cheese sliders

Right so being the boss here meant becoming or transforming into the perfect Maharashtrian who loves sev-bhaji and missal paw for breakfast and lunch not in the same order. The crux of the situation now arrives that not only am I, now after almost exactly one year and six months, fond of missal poha or paw and other previously non-existent breakfast menus but I crave and love them.. I crave having these vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinners !! Imagine a tiger going veg! Well so now the tiger has become omnivorous. While I gorge on the vegetarian delicacies within the hostel premises, we do occasionally go out to have our share of meat and fish! ‘Cause you can make a tiger adapt to vegetarian food you cannot drive the blood lust from his/her brain. Well not quite literally blood lust.. the fact remains that I am personally very respectful about others choices. I really love the fact that there are people who have chosen to move, according to them to a higher sense and opt veganism, vegetarianism. However I also believe the fact that they too should choose to be respectful towards our choice after all its just our food habit which we cannot change, and we are in no way cannibals.. The same God who has made the tiger has ultimately fashioned the lamb. So if God wants a handful variety who are you to judge us !! The fact remains we don’t judge you!!